Cube Sport


About us

Cube Sport is an international sports investment company registered in the UK. Experts in different areas - football, basketball, hockey, tennis and general forecasters - work in the analytical center of the company. In due time, many of them have achieved success in the offline games, then the bookmakers, who started to incur losses, prohibited them to bet. That is why the analysts of Cube Sport have an additional interest: they enjoy not only financial success but also winning from the very same bookmakers. But when the game is on, there is no place for emotions, and only the common sense and cold calculation should be utilized.

On what we bet

  • Football65%bet
  • Basketball15%bet
  • Tennis15%bet
  • Volleyball5%bet

The main sport, for which most of the bets are placed is football. Every day, more than 200 football matches, 70 basketball and hockey games and more than 500 events in various sports are held in the world. On weekends, their number increases by 3-4 times - audience coverage is maximum. Cube Sport analysts select the most priority areas, according to which their forecasts possess the most likely outcomes. The basis of Cube Sport is the principle of maximum efficiency with minimum risk, and that is what allows to constantly increase the profit for our investors. So, the main direction in which up to 50% of funds are invested is football. This is the most stable source of income. We get higher income by investing in tennis, basketball, hockey and volleyball, as well as the football games, where it makes sense to risk, playing opposite to the majority. Each expert generates 1-3 forecasts per day, indicating the likelihood of victory. The most profitable and the least risky are accepted for work, and then success statistics is being scrutinized. Cube Sport expert group forecasts are accurate in 73% of cases - it is a very solid indicator that allows to minimize losses. Considering the fact that the average rate coefficient is 2.13, the total profit from successful outcomes fully covers the costs of forecasts that proved to be wrong. Multiple use of investments allows investors to increase profits by 4-5 times.